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Author Topic: Training for Ionizing Radiation Cal  (Read 8135 times)

Offline lePiolet

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Training for Ionizing Radiation Cal
« on: 03-22-2007 -- 16:58:47 »
I'm an ex-PMEL guy working for a large in-house Metrology group.   I recently was assigned the duty and responsibility to migrate our radiation health protection instrumentation into our Metrology program.   This means controlling and the calibration of ionizing radiation equipment, dosimetry, ion chambers and the like.   While we have lots of radiation health and safety people, we don't have a technician or metrologist that can help me learn the ropes of calibrating this equipment.   Are there any AF courses or other courses available to beg, borrow, buy or attend that can teach me what I need to know?  Any help is appreciated!

Offline Harry3fenced

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Re: Training for Ionizing Radiation Cal
« Reply #1 on: 02-09-2011 -- 12:09:40 »
If you seriously want to take up this course you should visit the best and most trusted institute where you can get information about the course. This should help. All the best.
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Offline scottbp

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Re: Training for Ionizing Radiation Cal
« Reply #2 on: 02-09-2011 -- 14:50:46 »
There may be some beneficial info at www (dot) nukeworker (dot) com. It is a site not unlike the PMELForum where people gather for discussion about work in the nuclear power industry, specifically radiation protection and health physics. In fact, that's where I got my civilian start after getting out of the Army, before coming to a cal lab, I worked in the Radiation Protection department of a nuclear power plant, and one of my duties was to calibrate the instruments I used. A lot of the more complicated instruments beyond basic hand-held survey meters/Geiger counters, such as dosimetry badge readers, gamma spectrum analyzers, "body counters", etc. were farmed out to biomedical labs.
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Offline Bryan

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Re: Training for Ionizing Radiation Cal
« Reply #3 on: 02-09-2011 -- 23:03:11 »
could not resist

Offline John Treekiller

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Re: Training for Ionizing Radiation Cal
« Reply #4 on: 02-09-2011 -- 23:35:39 »
When I worked for Edison International we calibrated equipment for the San Onofre Nuclear facility.   The procedures we had in place were pretty extensive, you might be able to give them a call to get you started.
John Treekiller


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