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Author Topic: Christie RF80-K Aircraft Battery Charger/Analyzer Service Manual  (Read 2936 times)

Offline esware

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Would anyone have a service manual for Christie (now MarathonNoreco Aerospace Inc) RF80-K Battery Charger that includes schematics of the circuit boards? We have the operating instructions but just shows the inputs/outputs of the boards. Need to troubleshoot the boards.


Offline briansalomon

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If you have a known good unit you can troubleshoot this without schematics.

This can be done with the boards in place but If you can get the boards on the bench it's easier.

Simply use a DMM to compare resistance readings of each component. For ICs, use the gnd pin as a reference. The DMM will not damage the boards.

If the boards are in the unit power it on and configure both known good and suspected bad units the same. Set the DMM for volts and compare readings as before.

This will indicate failed components fairly quickly.
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Offline BamaKid

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A Huntron Tracker is another nice power-off trouble-shooting instrument that uses analog signature analysis to isolate faulty components.



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