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Author Topic: Audit teams  (Read 15708 times)

Offline Thraxas

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Re: Audit teams
« Reply #15 on: 07-21-2005 -- 16:28:16 »
I've been somewhat lucky during audits. Almost every item I've calibrated for the MCA's has been a bunny. 8-)

Offline Thraxas

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Re: Audit teams
« Reply #16 on: 07-23-2005 -- 15:22:00 »
I used to average 3 to 4 audits each time AFMET rolls through. This last time I had one. And he picked a doozy.............11.5 months into a 12 month cal cycle. I wanted to cry when it was out. I felt like I had been ambushed on that. I brought it to his attention and he looked at me like I was on crack. I used to think that if it was more than a third of the way through the cycle you could'nt pull it. But apparently that no longer holds true. ITS ALL FAIR GAME. Watch your backs brothers and sisters.................... :-D

Yeah, sometimes these auditors let their personal agendas or attitudes get in the way of performing their jobs properly. :-P

Offline docbyers

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Re: Audit teams
« Reply #17 on: 11-22-2005 -- 18:59:17 »
Back in the old days (1983) I was running the PTFC at F.E. Warren AFB, WY, when our friends from AGMC showed up. Frank Whitt walked up to my time console and turned off all the power... Then he turned to me, smiled, and said "Alright Byers, bring 'er back up!" A little while later all was well, the Austron 1210D-03's were all happy again, I got my nifty TOC on the chart recorder, and Frank headed to the breakroom for a coffee... I'd been in a year, which included time in Basic and nine months in Denver, and had recently graduated from the PTFC school... The lab chief bought me a few beers that evening, so I felt better...

For comparison, AGMC showed up at Ramstein while I was there, and it was a great time. We ran some bunnies, took them to a TFCU site at Rhine Main (more bunnies there), and drank far more beer than I thought possible. A while later the IG team showed up, and that was much less pleasant... We passed the inspection just fine, but those folks had a serious attitude problem, and no sense of humor.
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Re: Audit teams
« Reply #18 on: 11-22-2005 -- 23:00:15 »
Geez!  Tough croud in here.  I was just reading the posts from earlier, Deerhunter didn't cut you any slack did he?  Is there something else going on there, or just a bad day?

Offline howiesatwork

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Re: Audit teams
« Reply #19 on: 11-23-2005 -- 11:37:13 »
What's an audit consist of these days?
We don't get the same kinds of audits the PMELs do, as we just have ANSI, ISO, ASQ, A2LA, and such to worry about here in the commercial world.
I do remember my first AGMC audit in 1971, though... It was a bit tough, but we passed.
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