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Author Topic: TDS 754A Alignment software  (Read 5728 times)

Offline dminesinger

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TDS 754A Alignment software
« on: 04-28-2010 -- 09:43:47 »
I have the adjustment software for the TDS 700A series scopes.

Ver. 1.5 Requires an AT computer using PCII/IIA IEEE=488 card.

Does anyone have a new Version. We do not have a computer that old out here.

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Offline MRD

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Re: TDS 754A Alignment software
« Reply #1 on: 04-28-2010 -- 17:39:58 »
Unless someone can post otherwise, the now ancient tekcats software is the only thing tektronix provides to adjust the TDS scopes.  From my experience they do have updated internal software but are not allowed to release it.  So over in the corner of the lab we keep an old PC with all the ADJ software and clear error software needed.  Have fun remembering all those DOS commands ;)

Offline Hawaii596

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Re: TDS 754A Alignment software
« Reply #2 on: 03-04-2013 -- 17:36:47 »
During recent lab move, I found a cache of old Tek TDS field adjust software.  Some were even on 5-1/4 inch floppies, to give you an idea of the age.  We discovered not too many of our lab computers even have 3.5 drives on them any more, and definitely we were not able to install on modern computers.  It complained about 32 bit versus 64 bit.  But fortunately, we have an old 386 PC set up for some legacy National Instruments stuff.  We have at least a half dozen of them.  We'll see how it all goes.
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Offline andyc_more

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Re: TDS 754A Alignment software
« Reply #3 on: 01-10-2014 -- 15:20:26 »
A few years ago - my secondary oscilloscope ( a TDS644A ) lost it's calibration constants ( dead battery backed ram ).

I spent some time searching for the Adjust software - but never did locate it.
However I learnt a lot about the (extra) GPIB commands used on Tek scopes - and even worked out a method ( unofficial ) to make a backup of the cmos via GPIB.
This was based on my examination of the TDS544 Adjust software ( unfortunately not close enough for me to calibrate my 644A ).

If anyone is curious I can try and locate my notes/software from back then.
I had intended to re-create the adjust software for a more modern era computer - but lost interest when I discovered that the 544 software wasn't an ideal one to study.
I am disappointed that Tek really want to see some of the older equipment die - but I guess business is business.

Offline Smokey

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Re: TDS 754A Alignment software
« Reply #4 on: 01-15-2014 -- 14:52:29 »
Not sure if this will work or not, but if you have a modern PC with an IEEE-CARD, Say an NI488.2 PCI-IEEE set up and the TEK software works fine on that older OS, I believe you can virtualize that win 95 pc, win 98, etc...You download VM CONVERTER STANDALONE. https:// www.vmware.com/ support/converter/doc/ releasenotes_ conv302.html
I think it supports all the way back to Win 95-98, etc...you may have to dig a little bit to find the right release. Install that software on your old pc, hopefully win 95 OS or newer  and run the software and this will virtualize the entire PC into a VDMK file, you then on your modern PC with a compatible PCI-IEEE card installed, download virtual box (free), VMplayer(Free), VM workstation, of course this cost money. Install Virual box and creat a virtual pc using the VDMK file you created from the old PC...you may need to play with it a little bit, drivers and what not, but once you create that Virtual Machine, you can then run your older OS the same as you normally would on your modern PC.

I sucessfully did this with win xp controller that had multiple legacy software application and was able to run them no problem. I did have to make some registry changes on the old computer(called the source in the software), and then creat my VHDD, but then installed into Virtual box easily. Found any info I needed to create the VM through google searches.

Now you can do this to prolong any legacy software applications, if they support USB-IEEE adapters, even better but I know the old Tek programs do not.

Now trying this on a legacy x86 PC, good luck, you will definitely have to do some research for that, not impossible, just do not know how to do it exactly and have not tried.

Anyway worth a shot, try it out.

Just a thought, so if you have not tried this option, do some research as this may be an avenue you can try b/c we all know getting any sort of updated cal/adjustment software these days is rare at best.


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