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Author Topic: So what's new w/ PAMS 6.0?  (Read 4273 times)

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So what's new w/ PAMS 6.0?
« on: 02-04-2005 -- 04:49:50 »
So what's the latest and greatest with PAMS 6.0?  

Being at Keesler I have zero chance to see it in action...  Hmmm. Maybe when we go to Eglin next week I can check it out.

I am pretty curious to see how this works out since I always griped about it not being a Windows based system.  Now it seems like what I hear is old PAMS was faster.  So does 6.0 still bog down at peak times during the day?

Is anyone close enough to the project to comment on anything going on behind the scenes (i.e.  future plans, servers, database config, etc...)??

Kurious @ Keesler
There are only 10 types of people in this world.  Those who understand binary, and those who don't.   :wink:

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Bogs are a must!
« Reply #1 on: 02-11-2005 -- 04:13:17 »
It bogs down during peak times.  Which seems for it to be 24/7.  Its design isn't all too bad, except for the fact its windows based, it a pain, no one seems to like it, none of it ever works right, and it almost always seems slow.
David Brown


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