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Author Topic: Netflix Free 2 Week Trial Offer  (Read 7544 times)

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Netflix Free 2 Week Trial Offer
« on: 12-19-2004 -- 07:40:22 »
Netflix offers unlimited online DVD rentals for only 17.99 + tax per month.  

You can have as many as 3 out at one time and shipping is free both ways.  For more info click here --> Netflix Free Trial.

Help support PMEL Forum and sign up for your FREE 2 week trial.

Netflix Online DVD Rentals

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Offline docbyers

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Re: Netflix Free 2 Week Trial Offer
« Reply #1 on: 02-09-2006 -- 13:06:54 »
I use Netflix, and can't say enough good things about it!  No more trips to the video store, no more late fees, all my selections are handled on-line, they have a bazillion movies to watch, and the price is right.  Service has been fast and exceptionally great!!

If you don't have it, at least do the trial - you'll wonder what mankind ever did before this company came along (and everyone else is copying them now...).  Support the Forum and try it out!
If it works, it's a Fluke.

Offline docbyers

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Re: Netflix Free 2 Week Trial Offer
« Reply #2 on: 03-08-2006 -- 12:48:10 »
A little bump to help Hoopty pay for the new bells and whistles on this site...

Really, though, we've used Netflix for quite a while now, and I am continually impressed with the service.  Excellent service at a very good price- you can't beat it.

Look at the very bottom of the site page and click on Netflix Free Trial.  After all, the trial is free; check 'em out and see if they're as good as I say they are!
If it works, it's a Fluke.


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Re: Netflix Free 2 Week Trial Offer
« Reply #3 on: 03-08-2006 -- 17:12:38 »
They are. I was in St Louis for a little over a year. Charter never got the DVRs like they kept saying. I said I'd try Netflix for a few months til they did. I had it for longer than intended.  I'd go back except well I've got a DVR now and it records six days a week when my brain rotting tv shows are on.


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