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Author Topic: fluke 8845A versus Agilent 34401A which one is better?  (Read 13803 times)

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Re: fluke 8845A versus Agilent 34401A which one is better?
« Reply #15 on: 10-17-2009 -- 14:34:49 »
I've calibrated more 34401A's than I care to remember.  I am guessing any of us who work in at least moderate volume general type labs rarely have a week on the incoming shelves that doesn't include at least one. 

I like the very intuitive software cal routine on the 34401A, and the main OOT (Out-Of-Tolerance) I see on them is users who constantly use DC mA, and the shunts age.  So I think they're still good solid meters. 

We've got a couple of 8845A's that I haven't used much yet.  As the lead metrologist, I don't do many of the every day cals any more.  So I actually haven't spent much time using the 8845A yet.  Don't they have a higher current range?

Regarding the 34420A, that is a great little meter.  I believe some of the low resistance readings, it is spec'd better than a 3458A.  And the same is true of low DCV (as it has that sweet 1 mV range).  The main problem I've seen on them is a little flakiness in four wire resistances.  Where I used to work our customer had some 34420A's with modified Burns B12001 probes (with the 34420A connectors).  I used to do comparison cals on them against our Hart super probe (5699 I think), and enter the coefficients.  I used to post cal correlations and got typically to within +/-0.002 or so correlation.  Very good solid, stable meters.

I haven't tried out a 34410A.  Although a little off topic, I love my 8508A's with rear input option.
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