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Author Topic: Vandenberg Quality Process Eval position open  (Read 4566 times)

Offline KevinLinn

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Vandenberg Quality Process Eval position open
« on: 01-05-2005 -- 19:18:24 »
Vandenberg AFB, CA
Quality Process Evaluator
Position requires extensive knowledge in all calibration/repair parameters of the PMEL.
Responsibilities include inspecting electronic and physical/dimensional measuring Test
Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) and technicians processes to ensure
measurement traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Air Force Metrology and Calibration (AFMETCAL) Program DET 1, or other AFMETCAL DET 1approved sources. Implements quality control plan, identifies nonconformities, analyzes and interprets trends, recommends corrective actions, investigates and identifies root causes of critical and non-critical nonconformities.

Work experience requirement:
Experience shall include inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing, overhauling, aligning,
calibrating (automatic and manual calibration), and certifying TMDE, Metrology laboratory working standards and safe work practices/procedures. In accordance with Air Force Technical Order 00-20-14 and other associated directives, inspects and performs reviews of TMDE calibrated and/or processed by technicians for government use to ensure compliance with contract required specifications; including the review of techniciansí work processes. Conducts and identifies nonconformities during reviews, audits, and inspections. Convenes and guides process action teams for root cause determination, personnel proficiency, and quality of training. Reports nonconformities and process action team findings and recommend actions to
the PMEL Manager and quality manager. Reviews time compliance technical orders. Initiates and writes review forms and describes circumstances and actions performed. Plans, organizes, and directs all quality processes. Updates quality statuses for individuals and TMDE within the PMEL MIS/PAMS, or equivalent. Conducts and documents reviews of the Technical Order and Commercial Data library function, or delegates this function. Assesses and utilizes calibration methods and techniques based on principles of measurement science, technical analysis of measurement problems, and accuracy and precision requirements. Analyzes magnitude of error sources contributing to uncertainty of results and/or test accuracy ratios to determine reliability of measurement process in quantitative or qualitative terms. Interprets engineering drawings, schematic diagrams, or formulas to determine quality and reliability of standards. Inspects measuring and TMDE for preventive maintenance, cleanliness, and safety requirements. Analyzes and interprets results of measurements and calibrations using mathematical formulas and authenticates calibration certificates for measurements and calibrations and calibration correction charts. Verifies scheduled and random samples of product to verify compliance testing as required by contract and Air Force directives.

Yulista offers a competitive salary and benefits package. 40 hour work week M-F.
 Please apply at www.yulista.com.


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