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Author Topic: The Presidential Race  (Read 52136 times)

Offline flew-da-coup

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Re: The Presidential Race
« Reply #75 on: 09-15-2008 -- 00:57:12 »
Good, you have good character too. Obama has already shown that he would have left the POW camp, just like Rev. Wright

just like john did rev hagee


politicians are politicians first above all. 

 Hagee is not his pastor. He did not go to Hagee's church. he did not call Hagee his long time spiritual advisor. So there is no comparison here. You are right though, politicians are politicians. That's why I like Sarah Palin so much, she is not like the rest in washington.
You shall do no injustice in judgment, in measurement of length, weight, or volume.Leviticus 19:35

Offline pmel68

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Re: The Presidential Race
« Reply #76 on: 10-14-2008 -- 20:01:02 »
Quote from: USMCPMEL link=topic=1104. msg11538#msg11538 date=1220475551
You do the math obama gets elected and almost immiedietly thereafter gets assasinated then we get Biden? I will take my chances with Mccain she (as you put it ) seems to be very down to earth and unlike most candidates has actually had to work in her lifetime.

Since I think we're on the same side of the argument and you're a Marine, I'll type this slooooooooowly  :-D

Comparing O'Bambi's experience to Palin's is apples to oranges, she's running for VP while he's running for Pres.  For her to become Pres.  something drastic would have to occur.

Oh, wait a sec. . . . . . . . . . .  for O'Bambi to become Pres.  something drastic will have to occur too  :oops:

(For those that might get their pantaloons twisted, I didn't come up with the Bambi thing, some left wing washington post gal did.  I just happen to think it fits. )


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