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Author Topic: Salaries  (Read 23542 times)

Offline OlDave

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Re: Salaries
« Reply #30 on: 05-29-2008 -- 21:19:14 »
All NCSLI members received an email from Craig Gulka of NCSLI concerning this topic yesterday. See also the posting here by WestCoastCal under the title of "NCSL International Call to Action".

So far I have found nothing further on the NCSLI website (http://www.ncsli.org/). As more information is released I will try to update everyone here on the PMEL Forum
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Re: Salaries
« Reply #31 on: 06-24-2008 -- 16:12:28 »
I guess I was the lucky one. After almost 10 years of Marine Corps calibration, I was able to get $30/hr (salary) when I got out. Plus the per diem from going back and forth from the UAE, that bumped me up to $80/yr. I've since left the UAE program but stayed at Lockheed. Although I'm not making $80/yr, I'm not far behind that mark.
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Offline truancy143

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Re: Salaries
« Reply #32 on: 06-26-2008 -- 16:59:31 »
I'm on the fence whether or not to stay in or cross out of the blue.  Working in the UAE does sound lucrative.  Whereabouts would I go to apply for a job?

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Re: Salaries
« Reply #33 on: 06-27-2008 -- 22:48:39 »
My Thoughts..

What we need to do is have more classifications in our industry

Certified Metrologist..
Jr Metrologist
Certified Calibration Technician
Jr Calibration Technician
Test Technician

The skill levels of people in this field are extremely varied. Yet we all like to call ourselves metrologist, just because we have some certificate that says metrology.

I would like to point out that there are people who have medical training who are not Doctors.

I constantly interact with people I would call technician, calling themselves metrologist just because they have been to the calibration school.  I have seen people who have never been to the school who know more than most people in this industry..

The problem is when you through us all in a group and try to set one pay range grade for metrologist.  There are people in this industry that are will worth 75+ per hour and there are people who 15-20 per hour is more then they are worth.
So it is hard to say how much person who works in this field should make when we all call ourselves metrologist. 

btw... I would put myself at the Jr Metrologist (entery level), I have a 4 Degree and 15 years in the filed.  I follow procedures and sometimes design new ones with newer standards..  But I know there is a lot of quality and uncertainty analysis I do not know..
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