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Author Topic: 5520A Error Codes  (Read 5557 times)

Offline jpfromcali

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5520A Error Codes
« on: 03-08-2011 -- 23:24:25 »
Hey There PMEL'rs. . . . . . I am having a reoccuring issue with my lab's 5520A.  It gives an error code 104: Hardware relay trip and also 551: Scope Package not installed(Whwn we actually have a 1. 1GHz scope pack installed).  I know that the common cause is dirt/dust in the unit or filters.  However, I've cleaned the filters and have had no luck resolving the issue.  If anyone out there has any additional info, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Even if you've had similar problems w/this calibrator.  All information will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance

Offline retiredAFinSD

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Re: 5520A Error Codes
« Reply #1 on: 03-09-2011 -- 16:09:10 »
We have had the hardware trip issue before and had to send to Fluke as somebody input voltage into the 5520A, cost over $4k to repair the issue.

Offline hgroetsema

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Re: 5520A Error Codes
« Reply #2 on: 05-08-2019 -- 20:56:24 »
Thank you for the tip on blowing it out. Afterward the error code 104 hasn't come back.

Offline lonewolf

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Re: 5520A Error Codes
« Reply #3 on: 05-09-2019 -- 03:09:21 »
I've seen a few that stray leakage caused by dust, resulted in uncontrolled high voltage conduction, resulting in significant damage. $$$$

Offline lonewolf

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Re: 5520A Error Codes
« Reply #4 on: 05-09-2019 -- 03:41:33 »
BTW the service manual is readily available on the web, but of course leaves much to be desired, but none the less I would start by checking all the PSU voltages first.

Offline briansalomon

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Re: 5520A Error Codes
« Reply #5 on: 05-16-2019 -- 16:45:23 »
I've had similar but not quite identical issues with a 5500A. On two occasions, after performing the routine "zero" procedure in the cal menu the instrument reported multiple "A/D" error code that did not appear in the error code listing of the service manual.

Both times the unit was sent to Fluke for repair/cal and the problem was reported as "firmware failure". In my unit, the EEPROM would not retain the programming.

While this unit is not currently reporting any error codes after the"zero" routine, it is giving other indications that it needs repair again.

Based on the feedback I've gathered from other end users of Fluke multifunction calibrators they are generally reliable.

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