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Jobs Forum / PMEL Technician, Tinker AFB OK
« Last post by jleary on 12-17-2020 -- 19:15:26 »
For details on this position and information on how to apply send inquires to PMEL@aprointl.com
K1/8 - DC/Low Frequency / Re: Fluke 8588A
« Last post by mf1753 on 12-11-2020 -- 19:46:29 »
Might do that Michael, thank you. 
Job Duties:

Perform laboratory and on-site quality assurance inspections, audits, training and analysis of technicians and related processes for the operation of a United States Air Force Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory. Write, participate and follow-up on Process Improvement Measures as well as conduct Root Cause Analysis and trend data IAW the Performance Work Statement, AFI 21-113, TO 00-20-14, AFI 21-102 and other Air Force directives and publications as required.
Perform Quality Reviews.
Perform Process Reviews.
Perform Annual Reviews.
Perform Measurement Area Discipline Reviews.
Perform/Review/Assist Proficiency Test/Measurement Area Program testing as needed.
Perform Internal Audits as directed.
Participate in Trend Analysis as directed.
Participate in Management Reviews as directed.
Perform Evaluator Proficiency Evaluations.
Calibrate TMDE on as needed basis.
Train technicians on as-needed basis.
Provide effective leadership and coordinate efforts of quality program with a highly skilled workforce.
Monitor the PMEL Quality Assurance Program, related processes and assist as needed to identify opportunities for improvement and ensure continuous process improvements are implemented.
Apply a complete range of quality assurance methods to identify trends and coordinate with management to implement effective corrective actions.
Monitor, track, report and perform statistical modeling to identify corrective actions.
Review and develop quality metrics and utilize specialized data gathering techniques as needed.
Work independently and in coordination with others to identify, evaluate and resolve complex technical issues.
Provide updates to the PMEL Quality Assurance Plan as necessary to include improved processes, technologies and concepts.
Generate and track Quality Deficiency Reports to include the investigation of reported deficiencies.
Monitor AFTO Form 22 submissions.
Monitor AFTO Form 45 submissions.
Perform other duties assigned by supervision on an as needed basis.
Required Skills/Experience:

High School Diploma or equivalent
Completion of US Air Force PMEL course
Minimum ten (10) years relevant experience working in a calibration facility with QA experience or minimum two (2) years electronics college or university program with minimum six (6) years relevant experience working in a calibration facility with QA experience.
Advanced knowledge of electrical components, electronics, electromechanical, mechanical, physics, optics, and thermal principles as they apply to metrology.
Experience with maintenance data collection systems, supply, transportation and electronic mail as they apply to PMEL.
Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
May be required to obtain a security clearance.
Ability to multi-task.
All employees shall be able to read, write speak and understand English.
All applicants must be US citizens.
All applicants must possess valid US driver's license.
Applicants must have normal color vision.
All applicants must pass drug screening.
Desired Skills/Experience:

Experience with AFMETCAL Program, AF and ISO quality systems.  Possesses knowledge of ISO 9001 practices and requirements.
Extensive computer knowledge; especially use of Microsoft Office to include Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access.  Ability to develop and maintain spreadsheets.
Experience with National Instruments cards calibration and repair.
Bachelor's or advanced degree in related field (preferred but not required).
Minimum of 10 (ten) years quality experience in PMEL or other DOD/Commercial activity.

Apply at https://chu.tbe.taleo.net/chu04/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=GOLD&cws=37&rid=9993
General Discussion / Name of Cal lab
« Last post by NetMaster on 11-25-2020 -- 16:20:33 »
Does anybody know the contracting company's name for the calibration lab at Keesler Air Force Base?
K1/8 - DC/Low Frequency / Re: Fluke 8588A
« Last post by CalLabSolutions on 11-20-2020 -- 02:50:33 »
To my knowledge, there is no T-Cal on the Fluke 8588!
We wrote a driver for it more than a year ago with Metrology.NET.  It can emulate a 3458A, but it is not a 3458A.

Shoot me a PM if you have any more questions.
K1/8 - DC/Low Frequency / Re: Fluke 8588A
« Last post by mf1753 on 11-18-2020 -- 21:18:30 »
Better question, does this number exist in an instrument register.

Looking for something along the lines of the traditional CAL58, 59, and 60 in the 3458....
K1/8 - DC/Low Frequency / Fluke 8588A
« Last post by mf1753 on 11-18-2020 -- 18:19:09 »
Does anyone know how to find out Tcal on the 8588 Via front panel?
Calibration Technician:
Panorama City CA, Salt Lake City UT, Greenville TX, Richardson TX, Chicago IL, Washington DC, Hampton Roads VA, Dayton OH, Boston MA, Allentown PA

Roaming Technician:
Texas/Candidate's choice - location is flexible

Operations Supervisor:
Silicon Valley, CA
San Diego, CA

On-call Technician:
Washington, DC
Salt Lake City, UT

Contact me directly at victoria.hovsepian@simco.com to learn more or to apply!
Jobs Forum / PMEL Technician I - Hill Air Force Base, Utah
« Last post by WDavis on 11-18-2020 -- 17:29:35 »
As a subsidiary of Goldbelt, Inc., Goldbelt Falcon is an Alaska Native Corporation providing scientific, engineering and technical services tailored to the defense, security, aerospace and environmental markets. Goldbelt Falcon is in search of an Electronics Technician I located at Hill AFB, Utah.

The Electronics Maintenance Technician I is responsible for performing a variety of basic technical knowledge to perform simple or routine tasks by following detailed instructions.  This position requires repairing electronic equipment, basic level knowledge of torque and force applications, basic flow application knowledge, and taking test readings using common metrology instruments.
Responsibilities include:   • Maintain, repair, and calibrate physical/dimensional and basic electronics test measurement and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) and laboratory standards with experience in all technical areas. • Possess ability to read and understand schematic and wiring diagrams. • Perform general maintenance and overhaul procedures. • Basic knowledge of electrical principles and safety with application of energized equipment. • Basic knowledge of pressure principles, understanding of units of measure, and application of pressure for direct readout. • Maintain, repair, and calibrate flow test measurement and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) and laboratory standards technical application areas. • Maintain and calibrate temperature and pressure test measurement and diagnostic equipment (TMDE) and laboratory standards in technical application areas. • Basic knowledge of torque and force application and principles.  • Capture test readings using common instruments such as micrometers, calipers, faro arms, optical comparators, load cells, dynamometer, liquid flow meters, torque ranges up to 10,000 FT/LBS, and use of automated software associated to testing and calibration • Replace mechanical components and wiring circuits. • Ensure work is reviewed for compliance with accepted practices. • Operate under close supervision and achieve technical guidance, as required, from supervisor or higherlevel technician. • Provide technical training to all personnel in lab operations, calibration process, schematic and technical drawing analysis, quality processes, and all other functions of the technician’s job description. • Performs other assigned duties from supervision and Management as required.
Required Skills/Experience:    • Proven record of honesty and integrity in all relationships. • High School diploma or equivalent. • Minimum of zero (0) to two (2) years technical experience. • Basic knowledge of electrical components, electronics, electromechanical, mechanical, physics, optics, and thermal principles as they apply to metrology practices. • Experience with maintenance data collections systems, supply, transportation, and electronic mail is required. • Previous PMEL/Metrology experience desired.
• Good organizational skills, with the ability to establish priorities. • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. • Will be required to obtain a clearance and background check for system access.

Apply at: https://chu.tbe.taleo.net/chu04/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=GOLD&cws=37&rid=9469

I know this is 5 year old topic. But maybe someone will need this in future
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