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Hey all...
Just wanted to see who is going to make the Measurement Science Conference this year?

Jobs Forum / PMEL Technician - Peterson AFB, CO
« Last post by jleary on 04-16-2019 -- 20:44:27 »
If interested in this position please send your resume to pmel@aprointl.com. 
Jobs Forum / Re: PMEL Technician Openings - Columbus, OH
« Last post by ben.heigel on 04-15-2019 -- 14:33:11 »
That is correct - we are a recruiting agency working on behalf of an Air Force Primary Standards Laboratory. All the roles are a 6 month contract to hire opening. If interested in speaking more about these roles, feel free to email me @ ben.heigel@modis.com. Please attach an updated resume as well.
General Discussion / Re: Equipment selection
« Last post by CalLabSolutions on 04-08-2019 -- 16:11:40 »
I have one also... 
We are adding Pressure Calibration to Metrology.NET and found it to be a great tool for not only automation but also Training.  It's small lightweight, battery operated and portable!

What I like the most is how well it ramps up or down to the set point and hits it without overshoot.

General Discussion / Re: Equipment selection
« Last post by OldSchl on 04-08-2019 -- 12:51:06 »
I've used the 761 for years and I would highly recommend them. The customer service is very responsive and the instruments have been very reliable.
General Discussion / Equipment selection
« Last post by OlDave on 04-08-2019 -- 11:58:12 »
Has anyone had much experience with Additel products? Specifically, the Additel 760 Automatic Handheld Pressure Calibrator.

I have always wanted to try their instruments but have never had a chance to evaluate any of them. If anyone has either positive or negative experience with them I would appreciate any info you would be willing to share.

PM me if you don't want to post publicly.
K5/6 - Physical Dimensional / Re: Accelerometer Calibrations
« Last post by lonewolf on 04-08-2019 -- 04:26:11 »
my equipment is older Bruel & Kjaer I use an 8305 for my standard mounter on a 4809 shaker, using the 2626 conditioning Amp on the 8305, I have an old 2706 Power Amp to drive the shaker.

my test subject mounts on top of the 8305, and I sweep thru the range that I plan to use the Test Subject to make sure my curve matches my Standard and the datasheet that comes with the test subject.

All I really mess with is the Piezo types, I have several other bruel&kjaer instruments also like the 2511,1405, and a bunch of Misc adapters and standard accelerometers.
Jobs Forum / Metrology Tech III (Lead) - Colorado Springs, CO
« Last post by friesr29 on 04-05-2019 -- 19:07:33 »
Dear colleague,
Does someone you know have what it takes to drive success at Philips? To lead change and to inspire others to do the same? We now have an opening for a Metrology Technician 3 Lead . You can find more information about the vacancy

Jobs Forum / Calibration Technician openings in Gaithersburg, MD
« Last post by nsca on 04-03-2019 -- 15:50:12 »
We have openings for a mid-level and senior calibration technician in Gaithersburg, MD. Link to full job posting: http://ow.ly/kYMJ30ofql5 
 #calibration #repair #rf #test #electricaltesting #military
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