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Jobs Forum / NASA METROLOGY TECHS 1, 2, & 3
« Last post by mjohnson on 12-06-2019 -- 13:50:55 »
Rothe Enterprises, Inc was awarded the NASA Wallops Flight Facility, VA calibration contract and we need techs. Contact Mike Johnson at mjohnson@rothe.com for more info. Re-location assistance, free employee medical, subsidized dependent care, & hire on bonuses.
K5/6 - Physical Dimensional / Re: Hydraulic Press gauge questions
« Last post by USMCPMEL on 12-04-2019 -- 20:22:29 »
Well we ended up not doing it as we could not find an adapter for it. The customer purchased a new gauge from somewhere that was supposedly already calibrated. I have my doubts.
General Discussion / 2020 Metrology Calander
« Last post by CalLabSolutions on 12-02-2019 -- 17:55:58 »
Order your 2020 Metrology Calander Now!
K5/6 - Physical Dimensional / Hydraulic Press gauge questions
« Last post by USMCPMEL on 11-22-2019 -- 14:57:57 »

Has anyone ever calibrated one of these? It is for a hydraulic press. The press manufacturer said it is 2,000 PSI TO 1 ton that seems a bit excessive to me (170,000 PSI full scale). The person I spoke to is in sales and I do not think he knows what he is talking about. We looked up a conversion with the ram diameter (100mm) and came up with about 15,000 PSI. My second issue is I donít have an adapter it is M20x1.5 I need to adapt to either NPT or a high pressure fitting. HIP has the fitting but they want $261. I found ones online for around $20 and below but they have low pressure ratings. I am looking for a source to buy a pressure fitting rated to 15,000 PSI which is what I believe the true full scale of this gauge is. Any help?
Jobs Forum / Calibration Technician
« Last post by mobinst on 11-18-2019 -- 23:06:49 »
Mobile Instrument Company is at 3rd party ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory looking for a PMEL technician at any experience level for a Calibration Technician opening in Mobile, AL.  Technician will be required to provide both in-lab and onsite calibration activity and technical support.  We have a diverse customer base including the aerospace and shipbuilding industries.  Please contact Ed Wynn at ewynn@mobileinstrumentco.com for questions or to provide resumes.
Hi all.  I'm looking for help with a 8652x, looking for the service manual or a method to adjust (normalize) the meter's calibrator (the reference output).     
The 8652B power meter (similar to 8652A) reference output (0 dBm) setting is low by 1.13% (limit is 1.2%).  I want to normalize the setting, if possible.  I pretty much figure this is software enabled correction.  On the 8542C (older model version), the correction is made via the front panel menu (EEPROM) setting.  Does anyone know the correct command (syntax) or have a service manual for the meter?   
Thank you all...
I can answer any questions you have about working here. Don't hesitate to ask.

There will be a second selection made from this list as well. Hope to see you on there!!

If you're like me and got out of the military before getting your pension, you can buy back those years to count towards your retirement. FERS retirement is nothing to sneeze at.

Those years automatically count towards your time in service as well. Which can bump up how many hours of annual leave you earn per pay period.

If interested go to www.usajobs.gov
Job announcement number: WTBW194447094339HD


Department: Department of the Army
Agency: U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

Salary: $25.52 to $29.78 / Per Hour
Series and Grade: WG-3378-11

Open Period: Wednesday, November 13, 2019 to Friday, November 22, 2019

Position Information: Permanent - Full-Time
Who May Apply: Open to the public

Remember to also provide all documentation requested, sometimes the process can be a little too selective before it gets through to the hiring official.
Always remember to check the appropriate boxes if you're a veteran
I just got feedback: NTF Software from Keysight. Allows us to adjust timebase in ESA/PSA Spec Ana.Here is where to get it: http://sa.support.keysight.com/PSA/ntf/

They also told me that it is not supported.
A.F.T.O. 33K3-4-3356-1 says The Agilent PSA/MMR Timebase Adjustment Point Paper is located on the AF Portal, Metrology and Calibration webpage under Products & Services, Engineering, K-Areas, K4 Electromagnetic and Microwave page.

https://www.my.af.mil/gcss-af/usaf/ep/contentview.do? contenttype=editorial&contentid=1019653&channelpageid=-1087382&parentcategoryid=-1364093

Does anyone have this white paper?
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