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During a PR a question was asked "How is the 2:1 TAR calculated in Table 3"?
The 2 & 4 foot ranges have an accuracy listed of +/- 0.001" with a TAR of 2:1.
The optical micrometer has a minimum use accuracy of +/- 0.001".
Table 1 for the Multi-target collimator list target alignment as +/- 0.002" from less than 50 ft to 0 ft.
General Discussion / Re: Where do Marine calibrators work in Florida?
« Last post by silv3rstr3 on Yesterday at 17:52:58 »
Most likely NAS Jacksonville (Lax Jax), NAS Pensacola, or Blount Island.  But there are more detachments on other bases as I found out doing onsites.
General Discussion / Where do Marine calibrators work in Florida?
« Last post by USMCPMEL on Yesterday at 17:08:56 »
Someone told me their son is a Marine working in Florida (Active duty) I can not think what base he would be on?
Jobs Forum / Metrology Tech III - Maple Grove/ Plymonth MN
« Last post by friesr29 on 02-20-2019 -- 16:12:53 »

If you are anyone you know is looking for a new opprutunity in the Twin Cities area, take a look:


Be sure to mention PMELForum when you apply!


The best description of this position would be the equivalent of a Lab Chief in a large Air Force PMEL Type IIA. Audit team experience would be helpful, and Quality Management experience a must. Definitely a unique opportunity to be involved with the support of projects such as the Orion spacecraft, GPSIII, Mars Insight, and many others. Feel free to post your comments here, but if you are seriously interested and have questions feel free to email me at mark.goochey@lmco.com

News / Re: Here is an example of the problems in the calibration field
« Last post by silv3rstr3 on 02-13-2019 -- 15:28:47 »
Even though my father was a pilot this picture still makes me laugh.  I do feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work around guys with 30-40 years experience most of my career.  I'm still repairing equipment older than me which surprisingly we have a lot of spare parts for crazy old sh*t here!

It depends on the individual at the end of the day.  I asked a Gunnery Sergeant at my graduation if he had some advice for me.  He said when you get to your job figure out who is full of sh*t and who actually learned their MOS and show it every day.  Buddy up with them and pick their brain all you can because they won't be stationed their for long.  Good Advice that I've followed ever since that day. 

It's definitely going to be bad for our industry when the old timers retire. The younger people who actually took it seriously will likely be a small percentage in the future.  Hopefully it pays out because I'm not kissing butt to climb the ladder.  Nor will I always work 60 hour weeks to make the amount of money I should make in 40 hours with the knowledge I've worked hard to learn. 
News / Re: Here is an example of the problems in the calibration field
« Last post by mrrob007 on 02-13-2019 -- 04:04:30 »
I've been in on a lot of interviews lately and Here comes the guys fresh out of college talking about he can do everything under the sun. I tell the hiring manager he is not ready for anything that has to do with metrology at all ( The Kids our smart ), He looks at me and says he has a degree and we should be glad to have him! So we hire the guy or I should say We hired all the guys with degrees and after a month they were all gone.The moral of the story is all the good tech are gone or in the process of retiring.Companies are not into taking experience tech to train the young ones..
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  I'm only laughing because I have heard all of that directly out of that mouth.
News / Re: Here is an example of the problems in the calibration field
« Last post by briansalomon on 02-12-2019 -- 21:31:02 »
I agree, there are a hundred reasons for senior technicians to resist training others. It's a given someone will replace the original PMEL techs.

Employers resist giving certain titles as well. If I have "Supervisor" or "Instructor" status in my job description my potential to find a better job increases and my pay will have to go up in order to retain me.

Because of this, employers may increase my pay and want me to train/supervise others without the title.

The old timers who trained me were all active duty guys and I guess there was competition for the Lab Chief position but training was a requirement for everyone. It's worth noting the Air Force had a budget for all this.

I've thought for some time that a private PMEL school makes a lot of sense.

Jobs Forum / Calibration Technician Opening in San Antonio, Texas
« Last post by crowe on 02-12-2019 -- 21:07:41 »
Southwest Research Institute has a job opening for a Senior Technician.
To learn more go to https://resapp.swri.org/ResApp/Job_Search_Results.aspx and click on the SR. TECHNICIAN - TECHNICIAN - CALIBRATION link.
Jobs Forum / Calibration Technician openings!!! Multiple Locations
« Last post by smm03821 on 02-12-2019 -- 20:16:52 »
Check it out!!!!  :-D

Transcat has current openings for Calibration Technicians in: Boston, Philadelphia, Summit NJ, Chesapeake VA, Utica NY, Dayton OH, Denver, Elkhorn NE, Houston, Los Angeles, Largo FL (Tampa area), Pittsburgh, San Diego, Houston, Rochester NY, Phoenix, and Bakersfield CA.

We are also hiring for a Lab Manager in Cherry Hill, NJ (Philadelphia area).

To apply and/or learn more, please click here https://www.transcat.com/employment or send your resume to sarah.miller@transcat.com.

Thank you!
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