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Title: PAMS 6 Rumours
Post by: Old-Navy on 08-12-2004 -- 16:34:33
Got this one in my e mail today....  not sure of the validity... but I wouldn't doubt it..  *smirk* :twisted:

"Hey did you hear they stopped the PAMS conversion for everybody now.  They aren’t gonna let any other bases convert until they fix all the problems we’re having.  They are now referring to the bases that have the new PAMS as the 'Unlucky 6' or something like that."

Dammit Jim, I'm a Metrologist.... not a .......
Title: PAMS 6 Rumours
Post by: MIRCS on 08-12-2004 -- 19:03:02
Intresting....very, very intresting
Title: PAMS 6 Rumours
Post by: Erdwurm on 08-15-2004 -- 19:46:35
I can't find the email here at home (probably put in my PST) but I received an email saying they were halting the uploading of other bases until they fix some problems they are having right now.

We uploaded PAMS 6.0 into our system here at Aviano last week. We've only been using it for 2 days now, and it isn't too bad so far. The lag problems aren't too bad for us since we are using it when all you stateside people are sleeping, starts to bog down about 3pm or so our time when you all wake up.

There have been minor complaints about some things that aren't implemented, but thats mostly report wise. We will probably make the reports with Oracle. Overall, its not too bad, it'll have its growing pains, but thats to be expected.

I worked for about 6 months trying to get our micron's upgraded, and finally got my wish, we got brand new dell's to replace every single one of those damnedable pos Micron's about a month ago. Got top of the line stuff even! <flex>
Title: PAMS 6 Rumours
Post by: MikeyB on 08-16-2004 -- 04:34:21
Here at Travis we just started using the PAMS 6.  Doesnt seem to bad so far but we have been told that they loaded 10 out of 90 bases or so and halted loading any others cause the lag is so bad when loading people into the system.