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Title: Lab Barometric Pressure Recorder
Post by: briansalomon on 06-11-2020 -- 22:28:23
Hi. I'm being asked to recommend a barometric pressure monitor for a small R&D company. They're a startup for a medical device used to monitor neural activity.

They aren't sure what accuracy but want it to simply monitor barometric pressure in one of their labs.

Having never worked on that side myself I thought to ask you guys who makes a good one and what are you using that you like.
Title: Re: Lab Barometric Pressure Recorder
Post by: OlDave on 06-12-2020 -- 12:06:25
If the facility already has a building management system such as Siemens that controls and monitors the HVAC and utilities or a laboratory monitoring system like Kaye Labwatch it isnít too difficult to connect a Vaisala barometric transducer to the system.

I had a Vaisala PTB220 connected to a Kaye Labwatch system at a previous employer to monitor and record the barometric pressure. I could log into Labwatch and look at trend data and compare that to other events captured by Labwatch to see if there was a relationship. It was especially interesting to look at the pressure drop during one of the major blizzards that came through one winter.

I ordered the PTB220 with the external display option so I could just look at it in the lab and get the barometric pressure without having to log into Labwatch.