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Title: GUM Note
Post by: silv3rstr3 on 06-21-2019 -- 18:24:42
"Although this Guide provides a framework for assessing uncertainty, it cannot substitute for critical thinking, intellectual honesty, and professional skill. The evaluation of uncertainty is neither a routine task nor a purely mathematical one; it depends on detailed knowledge of the nature of the measurand and of the measurement. The quality and utility of the uncertainty quoted for the result of a measurement therefore ultimately depend on the understanding, critical analysis, and integrity of those who contribute to the assignment of its value. "  -GUM

I've been reading through the GUM over the past few months and this note stuck out to me.  It is right on point.  So, how do you make people that don't take their jobs seriously to have professional integrity?   
Title: Re: GUM Note
Post by: Hoopty on 06-25-2019 -- 03:40:26
Somebody posted in here earlier today, but an upgrade attempt on my part went wrong and the post was lost. Sorry to whoever it was...
Title: Re: GUM Note
Post by: briansalomon on 06-25-2019 -- 18:39:14
Apology accepted....

When I think about things, I'd have to get pretty creative to find something to really complain about.

So I don't mind.