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Title: Datum / Symmetricom ExacTime 6500 upgrade from TCXO to OCXO
Post by: JFP on 01-06-2019 -- 17:59:16
I have got a Datum / Symmetricom ExacTime 6500 fitted with a TCXO and I would like to upgrade it with an OCXO. Board has the place  with holes to solder it, there are instructions for jumpers but what is the part number of the OCXO ? There are a lot of Datum/ Symetricom OCXO on EBay but what is the right part ? I haven't found in the various manuals on the net. Thank you.
Title: Re: Datum / Symmetricom ExacTime 6500 upgrade from TCXO to OCXO
Post by: silv3rstr3 on 01-08-2019 -- 18:48:26
I have two Datum 9390-6000-34 GPS'.  One with OCXO and one with TCXO.  We had to replace our 20+ year Antenna (Florida Heat/Lightening) as our receiver got fried.
There was a small protection board that actually had a cloud/lightening symbol illustrated.  We ordered one that looked almost identical on EBAY from Israel!  Unfortunately it wasn't with the connectors.  $50 was worth the attempt.

I have a copy of the 6000 series manual on a disk.  We ordered a used 9390-6000 online. The difference between the TCXO and OCXO was huge!  The TCXO looked empty compared to the OCXO.  The only Vendor that will repair these anymore is Norway Labs.  They still got a contract with the Navy.