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Title: Fluke 5820A Scope Calibrator
Post by: briansalomon on 10-09-2018 -- 20:00:44
We're thinking of buying one of these and I'd like to hear what you guys think about this model.

The operator's manual says it's to be connected to the UUT "using the cable supplied" but I don't see a cable listed as an accessory, even for the 2Ghz option.

Do you like this unit? Is it reliable?
Title: Re: Fluke 5820A Scope Calibrator
Post by: CalLabSolutions on 10-10-2018 -- 16:38:56
The 5820A is a 5 channel version of the Fluke 55xx Scope output.
It is less accurate than the 55xx Normal Output and 9500 for DC Voltage.
It is more durable and reliable than the 9500 (The heads are always getting repaired)

I would recommend to any lab doing scopes to think of three things.  DC Volts, Bandwidth and Timebase. 
The best bang for the buck is a Fluke 55xx or Transmile 4011 with a signal generator (Power Meter depending on the output accuracy of the generator).

Title: Re: Fluke 5820A Scope Calibrator
Post by: griff61 on 10-10-2018 -- 16:57:03
The 5820 had a problem with the switches, among other things. We turned them all in a few years ago because they were unreliable.
I am anxiously awaiting my 5522 replacements because the Wavetek/Fluke 9500 is a disaster when it comes to the heads, they're seemingly designed to break under normal wear, but we can't do them in-house, they go to Fluke for a lot of money.
Just waiting on contracting....
Title: Re: Fluke 5820A Scope Calibrator
Post by: briansalomon on 10-15-2018 -- 21:43:18
Thanks for the input. We've seen reliability issues with our 5500A which is very expensive to repair but will probably go with the 55XX solution anyway rather than take a chance with the Transmille product.
Title: Re: Fluke 5820A Scope Calibrator
Post by: Pez on 10-20-2018 -- 00:47:03
I bought a 5820A for my lab a couple years ago. It's been working well for me. I bought it refurbished so i had to buy the cables after the fact. The fluke website yielded part number 5800A-7003K for a cable set. When the cables came in they were in fact Huber Suhner cables. The label on the cables reads:
Astrolab - astro-TC Cable Assembly
Huber Suhner P/N: 32027-29307HT-29080BHT-1MTC

I suppose with this info you can buy direct from Huber Suhner. They are N-type to BNC cables. The cable itself is like what you might typically see in SMA cables.
I asked Fluke about calibration support and they wanted something like $5k. I opted to calibrate in-house. The procedure is simple but lengthy. The only exotic standard (as far as I'm concerned) is a Fluke 5790A.