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Title: Mudcats
Post by: mcauley on 10-03-2018 -- 02:53:11
I want Mudcats. I find it perplexing: how does a leading metrology suite for uncertainty disappear without a trace.

Has the intellectual property transferred?
Can I pay someone a lot of money1
What is the top alternative for uncertainty, besides Fluke?

First timer here: apologies if this thread is open elsewhere.
1to acquire the last release, alternative release, whatever I can get: pipe dream is that can be "reverse engineered" for maintenance.
Title: Re: Mudcats
Post by: CalLabSolutions on 10-03-2018 -- 16:20:08
Cal Lab Solutions was going to be the World Wide Supplier of MUDCATS just before they closed the doors.   I loved MUDCATS...

We are working on a solution called Metrology.NET.  We pulled a lot of features from MUDCATS.  I like to think of it as the best of MET/CAL / SureCal / MUDCATS all rolled into one package. 

Check it out on the web www.Metrology.NET
We should have a chat when I get back in the county next week.   Shoot me a private message and I will send you my cell number.

Title: Re: Mudcats
Post by: Phillies_2012 on 11-22-2018 -- 17:24:47
I was a part of the Edison MudCats  team for more than ten years working with incredible talent to invent, develop, and sustain truly revolutionary Metrology SW.
MudCats Metrology SW became collateral damage to the closure of San Onofre nuclear plant by SCE.  Edison still owns the patent and source code and it is not for sale.  Former customers were given the source code, but agreed not to transfer or sell it.
The MudCats SW is also nearly obsolete by today's IT technology standards.  There are Metrology SW packages out there for sale today that have advanced much of the engineering/automation concepts introduced by MudCats into a modern SW framework, developed by some of the former MudCats team.  It is expensive, but you can find  it if you look.
Title: Re: Mudcats
Post by: admin2741 on 04-06-2021 -- 00:51:09
The SCE Edison "Mudcats" lead developers work with American Technical Services, Inc., and have developed MOX Metrology Software, (