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Title: 3 ET positions needed at Quantico
Post by: ex-PMEL on 02-11-2006 -- 14:13:10
Go to to apply before Monday 2/13.
These are the local support techs at Quantico and take care of just about anything electronic so make mention of your CCTV, ntsc, coax cable types, guage cable vs. power handling, keypads, card swipe, locks, motion detectors, infrared, fiber optic cables, computers, networking, configuration methods (series and parallel loops, star, etc.).  I would guess the GS step you would start at would depend on your knowledge of the above and hands on electronics knowledge in PMEL.  4 year techs would start about GS-7, 8 year about GS-9 and above 10 about GS11.  Even if you start low, you will get the next step each year.

additional note for those in the Houston area or wanting to be there:  THe government pay differential in the Houston area is about the best in the country at 26.5%.  This is nearly as high as San Fran (28.3%), higher than NYC (23%) and DC (17.5%), yet their housing is MUCH cheaper (<1/2 the cost of DC) and they have no state tax.  Go to to look for government positions.  Search on 0856 for electronics technician or 2602 for PMEL.  You can also search on the SERIES: 08 for electronics (GS) and 26 for electronics in the WG scale.