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Post by: ex-PMEL on 12-07-2005 -- 20:43:59
For those weary of the calibration field, the FBI has a lot of jobs for electronics technicians around the country.  I just started after more than 20 years in PMEL.
1) clean record: no drunk driving, little or no drug use preferably in the distant past
2) nothing secret that can be used as leverage on you: cheating on spouse, excessive drinking, hot stamping ANUPM145's :), etc.
3) strong electronics in a variety of disciplines: the more you can describe in your application, the better you chances on the computerized selection method.  Even if you DON'T know a discipline asked for, SAY you don't so at least the WORD is used in your application.
4) BIG ADVANTAGE: If you already have a top secret clearance, you could possibly start in as little as 2-3 months.  To go from secret, it can take 6-24 months, so start applying now.
1) great pay: I went from WG11 (PMEL) to GS11, almost $4/hr increase.  I'll also get yearly increases to GS12 and 13.
2) great government benefits: health insurance as low as $70/mo for FULL family, so are even less, your military time (unless retired) counts toward vacation time: 0-3 years service 13 days per year, 3-15 years 19 days per year and 15 more gets 26 days per year vacation.  Everyone gets 13 days sick time per year, ET's get 3 hours paid per week for gym time
3) Positions have little to no travel and up to alot of travel.
4) TONS of training available
5) a lot of promotion potential and ability to move around to a variety of electronics positions.
6) no constant threat of going or changing contract - for those in military labs.
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Post by: PMEL_DEVIL-DOG on 12-12-2005 -- 06:55:46
thanks for the info...what type resume did you submit for that job?
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Post by: LarryH on 12-16-2005 -- 00:30:16
I think the fbijobs is all done online - no resumes needed.  I get regular e-mails when jobs fit the profile I have set up - Electronics or Engineering technician positions in the areas of the country I am interested in.