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Author Topic: Accelerometer Cables, Hardware  (Read 2091 times)

Offline briansalomon

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Accelerometer Cables, Hardware
« on: 05-18-2018 -- 14:55:15 »
I'm setting up my new accelerometer calibration system and am searching for cables and mounting hardware.

For cables, I'm thinking PCB P/N 003C05 for 10-32 and 003P05 for 5-44

I "think" most of the accelerometers I'm going to see will be either 10-32 or 5-44 but it's going to be a process until I'm outfitted correctly.

What do you suggest as far as cables?

Also, I'm looking for the mounting studs. The one I have appears to be a 10-32/10-32 slotted Copper stud.

Offline CalMachine

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Re: Accelerometer Cables, Hardware
« Reply #1 on: 05-25-2018 -- 12:27:26 »
Those are definitely some needed cables.  I'd think about getting double ended 10-32 and 5-44 cables, as well.  Don't forget about cables for tri-axial and piezoresistive accelerometers!

What are you using for signal conditioning?

Offline briansalomon

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Re: Accelerometer Cables, Hardware
« Reply #2 on: 05-29-2018 -- 15:09:34 »
We currently have sets of cables on order for 10-32 and 5-44 single and triaxial accelerometers and should have the system operating this week. I have not ordered a signal conditioner yet.

I don't have one yet. I'm looking at the PCB 482C.

Offline Hawaii596

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Re: Accelerometer Cables, Hardware
« Reply #3 on: 06-01-2018 -- 14:13:02 »
Just recently got into Accelerometers using the Modal Shop (part of PCB) 9110D, a very handy portable unit.  Got a 10-32 to BNC cable from Pasternack (I know, not the highest metrology grade stuff; but works fine for this application).  It's hard to know all the cables.  We got a Triax cable from the Modal shop.  There is also another mini-triaxial cable that the units we've seen normally come in with.  We haven't bought one yet, but planning on it.  There is one ultra-small cable I don't recall its name (the connector is almost hair thickness - not quite).  But we bought a used accelerometer in wooden case which included that cable for less than $100 (versus about $400 or so to buy the cable new). There are the thread adapters for both male and female threads. We got a screw on flat plate for the ones you attach with adhesives.  We bought some very low cost tacky wax from Hobby Lobby that works great to adhere those (rather than the $150 for OEM type wax).  We've just been adding cables as needed.  Done maybe between 50 and 100 total units in the year that we've been doing them.  I don't believe we have every cable and adapter yet.  But our strategy is after we've bought those, we've been buying them as needed. Seems like an ongoing list.
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Offline briansalomon

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Re: Accelerometer Cables, Hardware
« Reply #4 on: 06-27-2018 -- 22:12:53 »
OK, the system is operational. I bought sets of single and triaxial 10-32 and 5-44 cables and we'll add as needed.

I'm noticing some resonance at ~400hz that is hard to get rid of. I am seeing it regardless of how the UUT is affixed (bolted/superglued etc) and appears on my reference and accelerometer under test.

It responded (reduced) when I loosened the shaker gimbal to just past finger tight.

Any insight into reducing unwanted vibrations would be welcome.


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